• Is a Dive Knife Necessary?
    A Diving Knife is an emergency tool, to be used only when needed and not to be used as a weapon. Just like the airbags in your car, or for that matter the safety sausage or whistle on your BCD; you may not use them, but you’re always so much better off just having them there.
  • Factory OEM Scuba Finger Reel Spool in China
    Leoben Factory OEM aluminum finger reel spool Strong string with special braiding capable ofholding onto object with maximum 80kg / 176lb (dry weight). Flared design makes for easier winding whenwearing gloves underwater. Larger center hole can accommodate thickergloves. Constructed of tough anodized aluminum alloyfor durability. Light weight construction
  • Leoben Wholesale Scuba Dive Finger Reels
    are you looking for a supplier who could offer you a wide range of scuba accessories in high quality and very reasonable prices ? are you upset for the high import prices from top brands of finger reel spool and reels ? Leoben is waiting for you here . we offer aluminum finger reel spools in various
  • which SMB should we buy?
    What's the differences between SMB and DSMB? There’s a difference between a surface marker buoy (SMB) and a delayed surface marker buoy (DSMB), although both essentially accomplish the same goal. You’ll generally use an SMB while on the surface in order to make yourself more visible to boats.
  • Leoben wholesale Scuba Finger Reel Spools
    All divers should carry a fingerspool with 30m | 100ft line. Cave divers should carry a Delrin primary reel with minimum 100m | 330ft line and several Delrin jump spools with various line lengths. Use 24-gague braided nylon line. Line markers should be personalised for look and touch.
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