About Us

Leoben Dive Gear Technology Co.,Ltd designs,manufactures and markets  a wide range of underwater light arm system and scuba marine accessories  in China . currently ,we offer hundreds of underwater equipment including double ball arms ,camera arm clamps, camera housing trays ,light holders,wet lens holders, base ball adapters,strobe arm YS mount adapter,Bouyancy Float Arms,hot shoe YS strobe mount ,ball connectors and Underwater Photo & Video dive torches ,ect. Leoben Dive Lights/Lamps use high-performance Leds to turn any dive into the most beautiful dive . it suits for many kinds of underwater activities like  technical lights ,photo ,video ,cave,and fluorescent . our dive accessories  cover from  finger reel spools,stainless bolt marine snaps,weight belts, dive knives ,aluminum lobster pointer,coil lanyard to scuba sausage . colors and sizes are customed if required . OEM /ODM service is available