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Leoben Dive Gear Technology Co.,Ltd designs,manufactures and markets  a wide range of underwater light arm system and scuba marine accessories  in China . currently ,we offer hundreds of underwater equipment including double ball arms ,camera arm ball clamps, camera housing trays ,light holders,wet lens holders, base ball adapters,strobe arm YS mount adapter,Bouyancy Float Arms,hot shoe YS strobe mount ,ball connectors and Underwater Photo & Video dive torches ,ect. Leoben Dive Lights/Lamps use high-performance Leds to turn any dive into the most beautiful dive . it suits for many kinds of underwater activities like  technical lights ,photo ,video ,cave,and fluorescent . our dive accessories  cover from  finger reel spools,stainless bolt marine snaps,weight belts, dive knives ,aluminum lobster pointer,coil lanyard to scuba sausage . colors and sizes are customed if required . our products are mainly exported to Europe,Australia ,Korea ,USA,ect

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  • 1 ,Aluminum underwater Double ball arm in 4",5",6",8",10",12" 2, 25mm/1" diameter of standard ball head 3,material:aluminum alloy 4,MOQ for dealer price : 10 pcs
  • Leoben Underwater Quad Ball Adaptor kit comes with two ball adaptors, bolts, and 4 anti-rotation pins. The quad ball adaptor can mount four ball adaptors on an angle and one ball adaptor vertically. The base of the ball adaptor mounts on any direction. The quad ball adaptor will give you more choices of how to mount multiple strobes, focus lights, or video lights. With the freedom to choose which of the three angled or single vertical adaptor positions you will always have the room to get those extra arms just where you need them.
  • hard anodized Aluminum alloy fit for large underwater buoyancy float arm MOQ: 20 pcs Not include the Shipping Fee
  • hard anodized Aluminum alloy cut outs in the bottom piece to allow for arms to be used as legs of the tripod fit for light ball arms,base ball adapter,ect MOQ for wholesale :20 pcs Not include the Shipping Fee
  • 1,Hot shoe mount with gopro tripod mount 2, for underwater video taking 3,360 degree turnable YS mount 4, Retail Price:USD28 5,MOQ for wholesale: 20 pcs
  • This 42 CM Lanyard with bolt snaps is designed as a carry lanyard for SRL housings with shackles or mounting plates. They can also be connected to arms and D-rings, providing a flexible solution for controlling the housing in the water, as well as providing a secure holding point during entries and exits. The bolt snaps allow the use on any housing with a secure mounting point. Material:Durable Parachute Cord +316 stainless steel bolt snaps full length :42CM Pacage includes: 1 pcs of lanyard for SRL housing
  • The carbon fiber float arm has a great buoyancy capable for Ultralight, Aquatic arm, underwater camera system. This Float Arm uses carbon fiber material to lighten total weight creating extraordinary buoyancy comparing to existing solid arm type float system together with its hollow arm body design. The hollow arm body enables not only helping weight trimming but also provide extra buoyancy. The ball joint providing perfect balance between stable clamping and stress-free handling with the silicon rubber O-ring. This series of float arm (Diameter at 80 mm) has line-up total 3 different types, which provides perfect solution to benefit desired underwater weight of your camera system depending on shooting style, conditions.
  • Mini Dive Photo Video Dive Light up to 60 m under the sea 120 ° beam without hot spots 45 minutes at full power,120 minutes at 50% (1500 lumens),300 minutes lasted for both blue and red light the light comes with a fiber optical connector and cable to fire in slave mode
  • 3/4" flex arm tray in 10 inch Length Compatible with Action Cameras like Gopro,Xiaomi ,Dajiang OSMO
  • pistol handle for comfortable grip adjustable camera tray plate from 28-32.5 CM Fit for most of camera housings with 1/4-20" Sturd connectors
  • 8 inches 80 MM carbon fiber carbon buoyancy arm with 600 G buoyancy under the water . multi purpose clamps efficiently connect the ball arms with buoyancy arms 5 inches double ball base adaptor on handles provides the housing more space in height
  • In addition to being a clamp for attaching two 1" standard ball mounts together, the MP Clamp also features an additional socket for attaching shackles or even another 1" ball-mount. The Nauticam Light Mounting System features a complete array of industry standard 1" ball mount arms, clamps, floats and accessories for attaching a variety of lighting solutions to your housing. As shown below: The configuration uses a Nauticam Multi-Purpose Clamp to add a video light by using a Nauticam Mounting Ball for the MP Clamp. NOTE: Nauticam Mounting Ball for MP Clamp is not included, but can be found here. The following items can be mounted to the clamp to customize is function:
  • Housing carrier fit for compact housings from Seafrogs, Sony, Canon,Nikon,Meikon,Olympus,Sea&SEA, Nauticam,ect 30 cm in length,6CM in height M5,M6,1/4-20" threaded holes allows to mount ball heads and Gopro
  • 3/4" Flexible arm with hot shoe adapter on one end and TS Mount or 1" Ball head on the other. customized sizes in 4",6",9",12"
  • 1,Lens Holder for securing 67mm accessory lenses and filters when they are not in use. 2,easy to install 3,Retail Price : USD45/Set 4, MOQ for Wholesale :20pcs




 Tel: +86 89300735
 E-mail: info@leobendivegear.com
 Add: East Block of Xinghua Building,2018  Shennan Middle Road,Futian District,Shenzhen City ,GuangDong,China


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