Leoben Wholesale Scuba Dive Finger Reels

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Leoben Wholesale Scuba Dive Finger Reels

are you looking for a supplier who could offer you a wide range of scuba accessories in high quality and very reasonable prices ? are you upset for the high import prices from top brands of finger reel spool and reels ?

 Leoben is waiting for you here . we offer aluminum finger reel spools in various colors and styles . our scuba spools are looped by 30 meters guide lines with brass swivel or  nylon cords .  it is machined from aluminum alloy and ended with hard anodized .  surely, the spool comes with double ended 316 stainless steel bolt snap . 

look at our finger reel spools , they are lightweight and compact .easy to carry during your diving trip .  you can put it in your pocket --one of advantages we have compared with other scuba reels in the market which are heavy . 


well, nylon cords are ordinary guide line to realease the Scuba SMB . here we offer three colors of nylon cords : green/white/yellow .   when you order our spools , you could choose different colors of lines and spools .   


now Leoben have added another type of guide line which most our distributors are interested in . 

the guide line is also made of nylon .  it comes with  brass swivel  which stops twisting  . 


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Leoben Finger Reel Wholesale_副本.jpg

 the desing of our unique flared shape  allows you be easy of winding  while wearing gloves and an outer grip for easy use


get more details about wholesale prices , MOQ,trade terms and product specifications ,please contact us freely .