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Multi Function Underwater Camera Housing Tripod Plate Tray with Double Handles

1, tripod plate with multi selections of assemble
2, compatible with compact housings,DSRL housings
3, screw holes for mounting different directions of balls
  • Leoben
the design of the tripod plate is compatible with camera tray handles ,flex arms , as well as being used as a solitary tripod for  compact housings . great way to steady your extreme macro video shoots for your underwater SRL housing system .  there are 6 screw holes to be selective as tripod legs , or extral balls.  using three Inon ball adapters as the legs to steady the tray system, and arms to extend the height of the legs  .  add extral ball adapters greatly help to mount the light in different positions 

made of the 6061 aluminum and compatible with alll housings with 1/4-20" tripod mount housings .  

new tripod tray