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Underwater Camera Handle Base Adapter Flex Arm for Action Diving Gopro Cameras

fits for camera handle or any accessories that is compatible with T base adapter
it can mount onto the camera tray handle ,tray with T base connector , and anywhere T base adapter is fixed .

3/4" diameter Underwater Base Flex Arm for gopro can mount your diving action camera include gopros  onto your camera tray handle  or anywhere T base ball can be fixed

The arm's extreme flexibility allows you to set up your gopro in a wide variety of positions and play around with different angles and creative effects.

Specification :

Diameter of the tube:3/4"

effecitve length of the flexible arm :17 CM,23.5CM,32.5 CM

UNDERWATER BASE ball to gopro tripod flex arm

sample gopro flex arm tray

underwater camera housing gopro tray