• how to run well an underwater camera dive shop ?

    when you start to run an underwater camera photography store in your local , you might do not know how to collect a fully line of Underwater Camera Arm Accessories from a factory . most of dealers would buy it from ulcs ,i-dive ,inon ,sea & sea and other manufacturer of underwater camera housings

  • Packing of Leoben Dive Scuba Led Lights

    Leoben provides the nylon box to each light we ship to ,inlcuding the 3000 lm,5000 lm,5600 lm,7000 the package of Leoben dive lights comes with one set spare O ring, chargers,battery,and hand rope . the battery we use are panasonic battery or 6000 amh 32650 battery

  • Review of Leoben High Lumen Underwater Photo Video LED Torch

    review of Leoben Underwater 10000 lm Photo Video Dive Torch under the sea . are you looking for a factory of underwater dive photo video torches in China ? Leoben have many years of offering OEM of underwater photo video dive lights , light arm systems and accessories to customers all around the world . welcome you to inquiry us at any time !

  • How to maintain your dive lights?

    This is a dive light and should not be used for extended periods of time on dry land because the head will get quite warm and the excess heat could damage or destroy the light’s circuitry. When practicing/learning with the light, place it in a bucket of water or a sink full of water so as to protect the light’s head from overheating

  • Leoben Scuba Dive Lights in the year of 2016

    Did you find that the differences between these lights that Leoben released in the year of 2015 and 2016  1, continously lighting system (apply for Leoben 3000 LM dive torch,1000 Lumen dive lights ,5600 LM dive video photo lihght): hold the stainless steel button to continuously change the light output from 100% to 10%. if you release the button then hold it again ,output will change from 10%-100% . release the button when it is right for you 2, selection of high transmittance optical lens and USA imported Cree Led

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