how to run well an underwater camera dive shop ?

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how to run well an underwater camera dive shop ?

when you start to run an  underwater camera photography store in your local  , you might do not know how to collect a fully line of Underwater Camera Arm Accessories from a factory . most of dealers would buy it from ulcs ,i-dive ,inon ,sea & sea and other manufacturers of underwater camera housings . that is a good choice if your store is refined as a high ended customers who is able to afford Nauticam housings and don't care about the prices .however,as our opinion and research, most of underwater photographers would choose a shop which could bring them an essentional demanding within their budget . for these components are not like camera housings which need high technologies  on designing and manufacturing . for example, most of the camera trays, arms, ball clamps and other dive lighting arm systems could be finished by  CNC machine . as a result,the quality is not hard to control with their rich experices, material's choice and anodized coating .  so ,why not do the photographers choose  inexpensive trays,arms,ball adapters and YS strobe mounts from these dive shops ?  

take some minutes to check the sales quantities in ebay, amazon,aliexpress of underwater camera trays,ball arms from one of the top sellers,you would find their stores feature good prices ,and the feedback customers leave are very positive .  why these large percentages of buyers are willing to wait for long time to get the cheap camera underwater photographic accessories rather than buy it directly in their country or local places ?  obviously, it is because of the cost .   


to win the  markets   , you could follow these steps to test your idea . 

1, select some samples to review and test the quality 

2, quoted these samples in your store with very reasonable prices 

after a while, you would find top sellings according to the reaction from the end customers 

3, import hot selling items in bigger quantities and select a wide range of other accessories as a boundle to promote

we,Leoben manufacture a wide range of underwater camera arms,trays,clamps and scuba strobe ys adapters in China for many years . we have helpped many dealers improving their performance growth via our good quality, flexible  policies of MOQ and reasonable Prices . we also offer OEM/ODM of aluminum underwater control arm segments to some top brands in this line .

don't hestitate to contact us if any diving photophgraphy accessories or scuba accessories you'd like us OEM or reseller .