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Lightweight Underwater Carbon Fiber Camera Dive Light Double Ball Arms in 5",6",7",8",9",10",12"

using the strong durability of carbon fiber as the material
1 inch /25mm aluminum ball heads at both ends
diameter of the tube :20 MM

  • Leoben

Leoben Underwater Carbon Fiber Double Ball Arms is made of high quality carbon fiber tube . It provides industry-leading stability and durability.Compared with aluminum arms, Carbon Fiber Double Dall Arms are more light and durable in the salt water.  for example, the weight of 12" double ball arm using aluminum material is  87g  on land, but only 67 g  in carbon fiber material.1" ball aluminum ball cap for the tube fiting for camera dive light arm system .


  • Ball Diameter:1 inch 

  • Tube Diameter:20 mm

  • Material: aluminum ball head +carbon fiber tube 

  • Available Size: 5",6",7"8",9",10"11",12"

  • compatible with most of the arm system like Ultralight, Fantasea,UN,Weefine,Kraken,Sea& Sea,Inon,TLC....etc

Buoyancy under the water :

D20*152mm,D20*117mm,D20*203mm, ,D20*228mm,D20*228mm,D20*254mm, D20*279mm,D20*304mm,D20*330mm

Gross Weight53g ,55g ,57g ,59g,61g,63g,65g,67g
Buoyancy :
 39g(5") ,47g(6") ,55g (7"),63g(8") ,71g (9"),79g (10"),87g(11") ,95g (12")

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  • Leoben carbon fiber underwater float arm