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8 Inches Underwater Double Ball Camera Stick Arm Segment with M5 Threaded Holes

1 ,underwater double ball arm with M5 threaded screw holes
2, 25mm/1" diameter ball mount for camera lighting arm system
3,allow to attach aditional ball mount and accessories with M5 screw to the arm
4, use as top bar between camera tray handles if needed.
  • LB-SA8

  • Leoben

Leoben 8" Stick Arm Segment is an universal arm designed as stick shape to minimize weight and carries broad expandability with a wide range of optional accessories attached on the middle of the arm,such as ball stands ,lens holder or other underwater adapters with M5 screw . 

There are three M5 threaded holes on the arm to attach accessories . You can also mount it between two camera tray handles as the top bar and attach dive light in the middle of the arm . 

made of aluminum alloy and being anodized coating . 1" ball dia capable for Ultralight, Aquatic arm, underwater camera system.


  • material:aluminum alloy

  • effective length : 8 inches 

  • optioal accessories for this arm : ball stand, M67 lens holder  or other adapter with M5  screw

IMG_20240327_153005_副本IMG_20240327_152159_副本underwater camrea tray holder


underwater multi function ball arm

all Leoben underwater  light arm system including double ball arms,ball arm with YS adapter ,scuba dive double ball float arms,base ball adapter ,YS strobe adapters,flex arms,hot shoes and other small accessories quoted in the website  are not included the shipping fee if  the total amount of your order is less than USD200 .

MOQ for dealers or distritubors :
dealers: 20 pcs
ditributors: 100pcs  

Delivery Time : withing 3-5 days (It depends on stocks )
Payment Terms: by Paypal or Bank Transfer