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High Visibility Dolphin Surface Marker Buoy Diver Below Reflective Safety Sausage Signal Tube Scuba Diving DSMB

Oral inflation
Octopus inflation
Low pressure hose inflation
Overpressure valve

  • Leoben

This is a must have for any scuba diver. It allows you to be seen by boats so they do not hit you upon ascent and also allows boats to know where you are to pick you up.

The Design of Dolphin DSMB is not only looking cute but also very visible on the surface . you can inflate it from the open end as well as using the easy-inflation valve with inflator hose or by oral inflation . 

Main Features:

  • Highly visibility and surface buoyancy

  • Lead weighted bottom, inflates by regulator or mouth, pull down dump release or bottom air escape.

  • Three inflation options: by mouth and with the help of an inflator hose, or with a regulator

  • Length: 120*15cm or 180*15 cm

  • Available Color: Pink ,Yellow , Orange

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