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Scuba Diving Oceanic 2.5 inch blade Titanium Dive Knive

Made from hardened titanium for light weight, long life and corrosion-free cutting performance.
Conventional edge slices easily through numerous materials.
Serrated edge is ideal for sawing through heavier ropes and branches.
Line-cutting notch is able to handle small rope and fishing line.
Knife handle offers plenty of gripping area as well as a thumb guard to keep the knife from slipping.
  • LB-TDN

  • Leoben

  • Titanium

  • 15 CM

  • 6.5 CM

  • about 400 g

this is a small but tough hardened titanium dive knife, with a soft sheath that will attach to BC straps or tuck into a pocket. The 2.5-inch round-tip blade has both smooth and serrated sections, and a line cutter. The skeleton handle has finger notches and a grooved thumb stop for a secure grip, and it is drilled for a lanyard.

Material: Titanium 
Full Length: 15 CM
Blade Length:6.5 CM
Tickness of the Knive: 4MM
Weight: about 40g


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