• How to Mount A Underwater Camera Kits in a Simple Way

    you may have two or more dive lights,stores ,wet lens in your camera housing package . but how to collect them in tidy way when underwater ?how to use them all in your diving trip if you'd like to take macro and video shooting ?here let us show you the camera housing tray carrier

  • Leoben Underwater Double Ball Camera Arms

    Leoben Double Ball Underwater Camera Arms are made of aluminum alloy and hard anodized in different colors including 4",6",8"these arms

  • Leoben New Series Trays for Gopro

    Leoben New Series of Underwater Trays for Gopro
    Build your own inexpensive GoPro camera tray for taking excellent and stable underwater videography
    allow you to mount a video light if you get one

  • Leoben Underwater Tray & Arm Packages for Underwater Housings

    today, we'd like to introduce you Leoben Double Handle Camera Tray mounted with arm system . this underwater camera arm tray is lightweight . only have 570g in weight . the full length of the plate is 32.5 CM(extended)
    get wholesale prices of China underwater photo video equipment
    OEM underwater camera arm systems

  • Standard Underwater Camera System Components Lists

    Standard Camera System Components
    Underwater Camera housing
    Underwater Strobes
    Light Dome Diffusers
    Wide Angle Dome Port
    Macro Wet Lens like Inon UCL-165 ,Subsee +5 Macro Lens, Nauticam CMC macro lens
    Swing Lens Holder ,Such as M67 ,M52 lens holder for macro lens,dome ports . used for positioning the lens
    Magic filters for blue water color correction and improve light photos
    Ring Light from Weefine
    Snoot Light
    focus Light /wide angle light
    underwater arm system including arms, clamps,ball adapters, float arms

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