• What Underwater Arm Tray System Can Give You A Great ,rought Solution for Doing Time-lapse ,long Exposures And Animal Shots ?
    Sometimes ,you have to leave the camera when you are going to take animal shots , or doing Time-Lapse, long expoures . This Simple Tool -tripod clamp with arm legs and ball head aluminum underwater tripod system is a great solution for doing long time expoures and animal shots . the setup is very simple but perfect for use with action cam and cameras with time lapse function and long expoures for a long period time
  • China OEM Wholesale Underwater Camera Handle
    Aluminum camera handle is designed for camera housing tray . it differs from the style and workmanship . Leoben MK-5A camera tray handle is finished by CNC computer gong. made of 6061 aluminum alloy . the workmanship with CNC computer gong gurrantees the product good surface treatment . it is exquisite and comfortable when you touch the handle . the design of pistol handle is easy to grip when holding the tray under the water .
  • 3000 Lumen mini diving photo video strobe light for action camera Gopro Here Underwater
    this is an exquisite mini dive photo video light designed for action cameras underwater or camera housings . it is small ,easy taking yet carrys on multi powerful functions. compared with other mini dive photo video lights in the market, this dive photo video strobe light features with 3000 lumen high light,1500 lumen low light,plus red and blue light . besides, it also comes with 3000 lumen @ 1/125 sec in strobe mode .fast charging time and Wide range of mounting options
  • How Does the YS Ball Arm Adaptor works for the Dive Light ?
    Now most of dive lights have access to mount the light directly with ball joint clamp via the ball head . however not all lights or strobes comes with ball stand , either YS mount there comes with the light or naked light without any mounting connection. that is a question if we'd like to attach to attach the light on our arm tray system . the reason why YS arm play the role as the bridge to connect the arm and the light . check with your dive lights and choose the right type of arm you need to your underwater arm tray lighting system.
  • How to Set Up Camera Housing with a Single Dive Lights ?
    as the beginners , most of divers would like to start their journey of underwater photographic shooting with a single light .here it always comes with questions of how to set up their camera housing rig with a light . well, that depends on the total weight of the setup you take over and the cost you are going to spend .
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