China OEM Wholesale Underwater Camera Handle

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China OEM Wholesale Underwater Camera Handle

Aluminum camera handle is designed for camera housing tray . it differs from the style and workmanship .  

Leoben MK-5A camera tray handle is finished by CNC computer gong. made of 6061 aluminum alloy . 

the workmanship with CNC computer gong gurrantees the product good surface treatment . 

it is exquisite and comfortable when you touch the handle .  

the design of pistol handle is easy to grip when holding the tray under the water .


same like other handles in the market, this aluminum camera handle is compatible with most of extention plate 

,and underwater base ball adaptors . drilling two holes for M5 screws on the top of the handle . 

base ball adatpors ,T groove sliders or others accessories can be fixed to the handle 




here is the specification of the handle :

material: 6061 aluminum 

Size: 128 mm in height,39 mm in width