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12" Flex YS Arm Tray for Compact Underwater Camera Housings

3/4" flex arm tray in 12 inch Length
Compatible with Action Cameras housings,,compact &mirroless underwater housings
  • LB-FAT-C
  • Leoben
3/4" Flex Arm Tray with dual YS mount flex arms is a compact camera housing tray . it allows to position your photo video dive lights in different angles utmost . the package comes with   2*12 inches   flex arm and aluminum base tray for mounting gopro, and cameras .

Specifaction :
effective of the flex arm is 12 inches
Effective length of Plate: 20.5 CM
Compatibile with compact & mirrorless Cameras housings and action camera cases like GoPro, SJ4000 Cam, Dazzne,Nilox, EyeCam