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Underwater Aluminum 3/8-16 Stud with 1" Ball Adapters

this 1 inch ball adapter features in 3/8"-16 stud . fits for any underwater camera housings or cameras with 3/8" screw hole . it provides a mounting ball for adding a light arm, a light, or other accessories to your underwater photography setup.
  • Leoben
1" ball adapter with 3/8-16 stud is to connect two 1" ball  arms via  a ball clamp . The ball base adapter is made of high quality CNC aluminum alloy.   .this ball version is used for securely mounting on a tray, handle, and more. Suitable for diving housings or other accessories with 3/8” screw hole. 


Material: Anodized Aluminum Alloy
Color: Black Ball
diameter: 1 inch/ 25mm
Mount screw: 3/8” Length: approx. 2.48"/63mm
Bottom diameter: approx. 1.18""/30mm