How to Mount A Underwater Camera Kits in a Simple Way

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How to Mount A Underwater Camera Kits in a Simple Way

you may have two or more dive lights,stores ,wet lens in your camera housing package . but how to collect them in tidy way when underwater ?

how to use them all in your diving trip  if you'd like to take macro and video shooting ?

here let us show you the camera housing tray carrier which can mount different adaptors on it .

this camera housing tray carrier fits for most of camera brackets in the market with its  T mount base ball adaptor . it is in medium size with 33CM in length and 8CM in height.

compatible with both compact camera housings and SRL underwater cameras .  There are different screw holes in M5,M6 and 1/4",as a result, T mount groove flex arms,ball adaptors and M6 ball heads can fix on the carrier .also , you can mount the wet lens holder on it if needed .here are examples for your review .


let us show you how it looks like after adding the tray holder