How Does the YS Ball Arm Adaptor works for the Dive Light ?

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How Does the YS Ball Arm Adaptor works for the Dive Light ?

Now most of dive lights have access to mount the light directly with ball joint clamp  via the ball head . however not all lights or strobes comes with ball stand , 

either YS mount there comes with the light or naked light without any mounting connection. that is a question if we'd like to attach the light on our arm tray system . 

the reason why YS arm play the role as the bridge to connect the arm and the light .


Underwater Ball to YS Mount Adaptor is designed for dive photo video Lights,dive focus torches, underwater strobes or other YS mount adaptors .

 some slim lights there are in the market neither have access of YS mount nor ball head , as a result, we need to attach light holder before connecting the YS arm with light.

 here are the example for your reference : thoese two lights below don't have any connections of YS mount , therefore, we have to buy the right size of the dive light holder

 according to the diameter of the light ,then inserting the YS end ball arm to the light holder to connect the light and arm .

dive light holderQQ截图20201216210018

another type of lights and strobes feature with YS mount which support for attaching the YS arm directly . here are photos for your comprehension

ys adapter video lightHOTSHOE BALL ADAPTER ARM

now let us give futher details of compatible strobes that YS arms suit for :

● Directly attached
INON Z-22, SEA&SEA YS Series Strobe
● Attached via optional "Z Joint"
S-2000, Z-240, D-2000,
D-2000S, D-2000W/Wn, D-180 (*1), D-180S,
Z-220 (*1), Z-220F, Z-220S (*1)
Strobe Light Holder LE, Double Light Holder LE, Quad Light Holder LE
● Attached via optional "YS Adapter Fixing Bolt"
S-2000, Z-240, D-2000,
D-2000S, D-2000W/Wn, D-180, D-180S, Z-220, Z-220F, Z-220S
● Attached via optional "Single Light Holder LE"
LE550-W, LE550-S, LE240, LE250

(*1) Particular production lot of "Z-220", "Z-220S", "D-180" is not compatible with the "Z Joint". Refer to "Z Joint" section for detail.

in a word, the model of dive lights and strobes decides on the end of the arm you choose (double ball arms or ball to YS arms). 

the size of the YS end adaptor is standard size which is compatible for most of  YS mount lights

when all above is clear , it is time to  choose the length of the ys arm.but should we select our ideal length for are

2.3" YS arm, 3" YS arm , 6" YS arm,8" Ys arm . in general speaking, short ones are often taken it only as an YS adaptor ,usually ,it combines with a longer double ball arms 

a way to  ajust the angle of lights more flexibly.  or you can have longer ones like inches or 8 inches YS arm directly to the light . 

but this might be limited to repostion the directions of arms you much as you could 


underwater YS strobe Arm tray package

despite of ball to YS aluminum arms ,  flexible arms are also the optional arms to connect the lights or strobe .and it is more flexible and simple to use 

besides, the length of flex arm can reach  as far as 16 inches or even more longer .

here are two sorts of flex arm which can be used as YS arm . one is with T-groove mount flex arm .the other is ball to ys flex arm.

scuba diving flex arm


underwater Ball to YS flex arm