Leoben GoPro HotShoe Mount for Underwater Housings

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Leoben GoPro HotShoe Mount for Underwater Housings

are you looking for a way to mount a gopro to your camera housing ? the GoPro has a wide enough view ,to get an unobstructed view ,you might like the gopro  to be pushed up and even with the front of your wide angle lens on the housing.  this hot shoe mount adapter can meet what you desire for . 

underwater hotshoe adapter for gopro.jpgunderwater hotshoe adapter for gopro.jpg

Using 7/10 inch inverted  1/4 inch screw to connect the hot shoe and gopro tripod .  a great way to mount your GoPro on top of your compact or mirrorless underwater housing. The housing must have a cold shoe (aka hot shoe) mount on top

Leoben aluminum underwater hotshoe mount to gopro tripod for underwater camera housings has 1/4 inch threaded stud on the top  and 7/10 inch threaded stud on the bottom . it is much more solid than most of hotshoe adpaters in the market  . perfectly fiting for underwater photography shooting . 

the shoe measurement is 18mm*18mm

gopro hot shoe adapter .jpg