Leoben Buoyancy Arms

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 Leoben Buoyancy Arms

leoben lightweight buoyancy float arm

When you first look at the new larger “Buoyancy Arms” from Leoben, with their two-inch diameter , it’s extremely easy to make the misguided assumption that they are made of heavy aluminum alloy.  The size and shape of the new Buoyancy arms is super lightweight and super buoyancy under the water . taking a full package of underwater camera lighting equipment with this ABS buoyancy float arms , your gears are perfectly in your hands ,neither heavy or light .

 in fact ,the float is completely hollow and almost shockingly lightweight. Even after months of use, each time you lift one of them you still marvel at how feather-light they truly are compared to their outward physical appearance. What this translates into underwater is a set of arms that gives your entire camera system an incredible amount of lift and buoyancy, increasing your positioning versatility and allowing the photographer to, literally, float your system into position.


Made of polycarbonate ABS, the large Buoyancy Arms are available in various sizes, like 6 inch,7inch and 9 inch .all is with 60 mm diameter  . Each size has its own level of buoyancy – for example, the 9 inch arms have 550g of buoyancy. allows a photographer to build an arm system that is best suited for the weight of the camera/housing/strobe combination that will be used.


Like other , the larger Buoyancy arms have robust O-Rings inserted into the balls. This is an innovation that allows the photographer to adjust the arms underwater in smooth, fluid motions