How to Set Up Camera Housing with a Single Dive Lights ?

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How to Set Up Camera Housing with a Single Dive Lights ?

as the beginners , most of divers would like to start their journey of underwater photographic shooting with a single light .

here it always comes with questions of how to set up their camera housing rig with a light . 

well, that all depends on the total weight of the setup you take over and  the cost you'd like to spend

1, single underwater camera handle grip with arm kit

this is the simplest way to set up the housing rig with ball clamp(NO 1) , you can mount the light directly on the top of the base ball ,making the whole set light and easy to cooperate under the water . but one thing we can not negelect is that the angle of the light is not so flexible to position and it's limited without the arm equipped . that's the reason why we'd better to  add a 6 inches double ball arm between the light ball and base ball . in this way, we could reposition the light at most in diffrent directions,or replace the ball arm with flex arm like No 5,No6 .  however, this setup of single handle grip arm package is not almighty considering the volume of the housing itself and its weight ,such as SRL or DSRL camera housings which are underwater no consideration due to the length of plate ,besides,it's too heavy to hold the housing with one hand .  and there is no possibility of expending other extra lights to these single handle grips if you'd love to advance your underwater photographic equipment in the future such as underwater strobes ,dome ports ,macro wet lens   . therefore, you'd better take this limitation before you buy it .

underwater housing dive light handle grip package

leoben single handle grip arm tray

2,underwater double handle tray with  arm kit 

the double handle tray make it greatly possible to balance the camera housing lighting arm system be neutrally under the water .  Here are two packages (picture NO 7 and 8) for your reference .either add buoyancy arms across the handle (NO 7) or replace the ball arm with carbon fiber buoyancy arm (NO 8) . both of ways at least lighten your camera housing rig. or just follow with one arm and clamps to simplify your whole set if the system you own is light enough (NO 9 and NO 10) . but far more than these, the double handle tray is almost compatible with all  models of camera housings ,there is no worrying about future advancement of  use on adding complex  rigs to your housing. more optional choices embrace  you to set up arms ,ball adaptors and clamps ,like the power of "Iron Man" to extend the arm system as much flexible as it can ,for example, you can let shutter release trigger ,camera housing tray holder and handle rope  join in this line.

Leoben double handle underwater camera arm tray_副本