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60 degree movement Underwater Camera Arm Clamp 25mm (or 1″) ball arms

hard anodized Aluminum alloy
fit for light ball arms,base ball adapter,ect
MOQ: 20 pcs
Not include the Shipping Fee
  • BB-CA-60

  • Leoben

Leoben 60 degree movement Aluminum hard anodized underwater ball joint clamp has a standard 1" ball head .it connect  all types of  25mm ball arms,bouyancy float arms or other  standard balls head like cold shoe base ball,strobe adapter .  

Allows 60 degrees of side to side movement. Shown with proper placement of two arms between clamp halves. T-Knob used to tighten or loosen clamp 

The knob provide the perfect combination of strength and range of motion. Plates are spring-loaded for easy assembly and breakdown of your arm system

 just insert the ball head in the position of the clamp's gap and rotating the knob until the ball head is fixed .

Description :

material: hard coat anodizing aluminum
Package : 1 pcs/box 
Fit for : light arm system Works with 1-inch ball arms from Ikelite, TLC, Ultralight, Nauticam, and others

60 degree underwater ball joint clamp.jpg

all Leoben underwater  light arm system including double ball arms,ball arm with YS adapter ,scuba dive double ball float arms,base ball adapter ,YS strobe adapters,flex arms,hot shoes and other small accessories quoted in the website  are not included the shipping fee if  the total amount of your order is less than USD200 .
MOQ for dealers or distritubors :
dealers: 20 pcs
ditributors: 100pcs  
Delivery Time : withing 3-5 days (It depends on stocks )
Payment Terms: by Paypal or Bank Transfer