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Underwater Muti-Purpose Triple Ball Clamps

In addition to being a clamp for attaching two 1" standard ball mounts together, the MP Clamp also features an additional socket for attaching shackles or even another 1" ball-mount.

This ball is easily installed in the opening created ear via fixing the screw . It works like a triple clamp but  more easy to use . Anyone who has experienced the frustration of trying to use a traditional triple clamp to hold three ball mounted accessories understands that a triple clamp is not a very effective solution for managing accessories that may need to be adjusted during a dive. Loosen the handle a bit and all three items flop down together. 

the multi purpose ball clamp allows  the primary clamp to function as normal and fixes a rigid point to mount a secondary accessory by another clamp. Each clamp can be adjusted independently without interference allowing the use of strobes and video lights on the same arms, a Gopro and video light mounted on a housing, or a focus light mounted on a single strobe arm.