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Plastic Underwater Dive Light YS Holder in different sizes

YS mount clip for dive photo and video light
Size: 20mm,22mm,24mm,26mm,28mm,30mm,32mm,34mm,36mm,38mm
plastic material
  • BB-LH20

  • Leoben

  • plastic

  • 20mm,22mm,24mm,26mm,28mm,30mm,32mm,34mm,36mm,38mm

  • black

  • underwater Dive Lights

  • YS Adapter Clip

  • CNF by China Post Mail

  • paypal or Bank Transfer

  • 3-5DAYS

Using this durable plastic YS Adapter Clip from Leoben, you can connect any lights with the diameter of 20mm .  an optional light arm with a standard YS connector.

 The clip features the signature YS type mounting bolt, which fits through the hole at the top of the lighting arm and can be screwed into place and unscrewed again via the knob on the side. The top of the clip fits around the body of the light itself and holds it securely in place.

dive light holder

here is the way of  how to decide the diameter of the light holder 

diameter of dive light holder