Leoben Scuba Dive Lights in the year of 2016

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Leoben Scuba Dive Lights in the year of 2016

Did you find that the differences between these lights that Leoben released in the year of 2015 and 2016 
the first glance when you see these dive photo video lights, you would think that they are the same . 
same outline of the lights ,or same output .  are these lights are same or not ? let me tell you in details .

see Leoben 3000 LM dive photo video torch which can fully express the outstanding of lights . 
1, continously lighting system (apply for Leoben 3000 LM dive torch,1000 Lumen dive lights ,5600 LM dive video photo lihght): hold the stainless steel button to continuously change the light output from 100% to 10%. if you release the button then hold it again ,output will change from 10%-100% . release the button when it is right for you 


Special Features:
enhanced copper circuit 
green indicator if more than 20% battery