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40 mm dia Underwater Carbon Fiber Camera Buoyancy Arms

Leoben Carbon Fiber Float Arm series is manufactured from a high quality carbon fiber tubing with aluminum end caps. feature with strong ,light weight and great buoyancy for the same volume compared with aluminum float arms

DIa: 40 mm
Effective Length: 12 inch /14 inch
  • LB-CFD4

  • Leoben

  • LB-CFD412,LB-CFD414

The carbon fiber float arm has a great buoyancy capable for Ultralight, Aquatic arm, underwater camera system.

This Float Arm uses carbon fiber material to lighten total weight creating extraordinary buoyancy comparing to existing solid arm type float system together with its hollow arm body design. The hollow arm body enables not only helping weight trimming but also provide extra buoyancy. The ball joint providing perfect balance between stable clamping and stress-free handling with the silicon rubber O-ring.

This series of float arm (Diameter at 40mm) has line-up total 2 different types, which provides perfect solution to benefit desired underwater weight of your camera system depending on shooting style, conditions.


Item No Size Net Weight Buoyancy underwater
LB-CFD410 40mm dia*12 inch 180g 200g
LB-CFD412 40mm dia* 14 inch  200g 300g